Control. Distribute. Measure.

From digital asset management to sales enablement, FISION equips your marketing and sales teams with a full suite of enablement capabilities built to solve your distributed marketing challenges.

Enablement Capabilities

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Digital Asset Management

Expedite search and eliminate off-brand versioning. FISION’s centralized, cloud-based library supports nearly 200 different file types and gives you complete control over how company assets are stored, retrieved and used. It’s asset management—simplified.

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Print Template Builder

FISION’s collateral builders enforce brand control—ensuring every custom collateral piece is current and on-brand. FISION removes the need for a lengthy approval process, increasing your speed to market.

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Digital Template Builder

Quickly customize web banners and digital campaigns through an easy-to-use builder. Whatever the digital channel, maintain brand control while enabling personalization and localization on the fly.

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Email Marketing Builder

FISION’s easy-to-use distributed marketing platform and e-mail marketing software speed the customization process from weeks to clicks—saving you time and money on one-to-one or one-to-many marketing campaigns.

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Automated Marketing

FISION enables you to create automated marketing communications to assist you in establishing a better brand experience for your clients, gaining a deeper insight into customer preferences and reducing administrative demand on your team. All from a single, fully-integrated web platform, you have the ability to automate welcome emails, appointment confirmations, incentives and offers, surveys, and more.

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Brand Storefront & Print On Demand

Put a brand storefront at every desk in your company and eliminate over-ordering, wasted supplies and needless physical storage. Custom direct marketing becomes affordable, sustainable and efficient with FISION. FISION’s print on demand functionality lets your users order exact quantities of custom print materials directly from your vendor list.

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User-Based Authorization & Business Rule Configuration

FISION’s permission management capabilities are a core building block that controls the entire user experience. It gives you the ability to manage users, groups, access rights and permissions, including content access and customization options, interface and navigational elements, approval flows, channel options, vendor selection and more.

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Reporting & Analytics

Get visibility into the activities of your field sales and distributed marketing teams. FISION provides the analytical tools for users and organizations to make informed decisions regarding campaign activity and materials.

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FISION’s integration architecture supports unlimited configuration options to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. Traditionally, most of these integrations have been to support a central management philosophy—enabling sales reps, marketing teams, and corporate users with the resources to consolidate disparate systems and increase revenue.