Uniquely architected to make Good happen.

FISION’s multi-tenant, multi-tiered environment enables your company to specifically configure unique experiences for all of your channel partners. Whether you are supporting globally distributed sales teams, resellers, distributers, franchisees, etc., they can be set up with unique business rules, all within one ecosystem.

All brands, partners and locations, within one ecosystem.

Manage multiple brands, channel partners and distributed teams with locally-relevant content and tools in a brand-controlled, legally-compliant ecosystem. Channel support—Simplified.

How FISION Supports Your Channels


FISION’s capabilities allow you to create a unique brand experience, starting at the log-in page, for a highly personalized user experience for numerous tenants. Quietly support your channel while building brand trust.

Unique Environments

Create unique, personalized experiences for all of your channel partners and manage individual relationships with vendors using FISION’s ecosystem. No matter the structure of your organization, FISION can provide a level of support that’s truly on another level.

Local Relevance

Ensure your channel partners have access to only the latest on-brand materials to best suit customer needs. Give them the tools and materials to be locally relevant and close sales faster.