William Gerhauser


William Gerhauser (CEO) Is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company since December 2021. Mr. Gerhauser has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry in both the United States and Europe. For the past five years, Mr. Gerhauser has been the Chief Executive Officer of affiliate Capital Market Solutions LLC ("CMS"). CMS is an international consultancy firm that provides accounting, legal, structural, and strategic advice to several private and public companies. Mr. Gerhauser is also the President of MGA Holdings, LLC, and the Managing Partner of Ignition Capital, LLC. Mr. Gerhauser is also a co-founder of Fighters Choice, Inc. Mr. Gerhauser’s specialty is niche markets that are heavily regulated or have unusual tax considerations. In the last 15 years he has successfully initiated transactions in the Oil and Gas, Entertainment, Biotech, Information Technology and Beverage Industries. He is a UK-US dual national. He is a graduate of The Royal College of St. Peter at Westminster, and is a U.S. Army Infantry Veteran.