Twitter: The Best Social Media Source for Leads

While the battle still rages on as to what role social media plays in lead generation and engagement, new data suggests that Twitter may be more than worth the budget it’s allocated when it comes to leads. Research from Optify suggests that Twitter tops all other social media websites for generating new leads and engaging old ones – at least for B2B brands. If you’re running a B2B company, it might be time to rethink how you’re tweeting.

The study, which took into account more than 62 million site visits, 350,000 generated leads and 215 million page views, found that Twitter made up a whopping 82 percent of leads generated via social media. While other social networks generated significantly more website traffic than Twitter – Facebook accounted for 54 percent of social web traffic – Twitter was more effective for meaningfully reaching prospects.

Social media in general was a strong engagement tool for B2B organizations. For example, while social media drove only 1.9 percent of overall site traffic – a small piece of a much larger multichannel pie – it also represented 4.8 percent of all leads. In other words, social media is more than worth its weight in gold for how it can be used to generate and engage leads.

The Personal Touch

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, lead management is a critical task. It doesn’t matter how many leads are generated through if you aren’t taking the right steps to engage them. What’s more, every channel matters, whether it accounts for 9 percent of customers or 90 percent. As brands engage leads, every variable must be taken into consideration to maximize the chances of success. Every lead counts, and you can’t afford to squander opportunities by not reaching these prospects through the right channel at the right time with the appropriate message.

Personalization is key in that regard. Everything your brand produces must be compliant with set standards and on point, but collateral must also be relevant to the person and company receiving it. Marketing asset management solutions can help you create materials that are both personalized to the recipient and in line with brand guidelines.

Image courtesy of Fadjar