Going Mobile With Distributed Marketing Automation

Smartphones and tablet devices have long been considered the way of the future in terms of communication. Over 114 million people in the U.S. are using their smartphones to call, text, check their email and access the web. Not to mention almost 140,000 apps that to do everything but make your breakfast. Facebook has noted that more than half of its total user base – 488 million consumers – now use the company’s mobile application to stay in touch with each other while on the go.

We have always said the goal of any sales and marketing campaign is simple: hit the right customer with the right message at the right time through the right medium. Before mobile devices, there was always some uncertainty involved – how could you be sure that your customer would see that email when you sent it? What medium do they prefer to receive notifications?

Mobile essentially acts as a catch-all for these different communication channels, with consumers able to read email, check voice mails, log into social networks and access any number of communication channels through these devices. Additionally, they tend to have their mobile devices on them at all times, giving brands a significant window of opportunity to engage them.

For this reason, we decided to partner with 3Cinteractive, a leading provider of cloud-based mobile enterprise solutions. Our distributed marketing automation platform will now make use of 3Cinteractive’s Switchblade technology, which provides businesses with a single platform to deploy multichannel mobile applications. This will give our customers additional functionality as well, such as the ability to send automated text messages to consumers.

This will help us better extend our distributed automation capabilities to mobile. Companies such as yours have always wanted better control of engagement and brand across every touchpoint, and our partnership with 3Cinteractive enables us to facilitate that end goal. Further integration of all the distribution mediums through a single platform is a huge value for your multichannel marketing campaign. Now, all the report data comes from a single source, providing businesses with more accurate and relevant information about their initiatives.

With mobile in tow, brands are now better outfitted to engage consumers with the appropriate message at the right time and through the correct channel.