FISION Granted Second U.S. Patent for Cloud-based Marketing Technology

MINNEAPOLIS – May 30, 2018 – FISION Corporation (OTCQB: FSSN), a leading provider of cloud-based digital asset management and sales enablement technology, was awarded it second U.S. patent (US9984094) covering its cloud-based marketing technology titled, “Computerized Sharing of Digital Asset Localization Between Organizations.”

According to FISION CEO, Mike Brown: “The award of this extensive second patent, which builds upon our first patent granted last year, covers both our proprietary systems and methods-of-use, but now to a deeper level in terms of controlling the localization of brand assets and enabling sales to have more powerfully relevant local engagement.

“This new patent further validates the extraordinary level of innovation we’ve built into the FISION platform. It highlights the unique capabilities we deliver for our enterprise customers and channel partners worldwide. In addition to establishing a significant competitive barrier to entry, this protection of our core technology has dramatically enhanced shareholder value.”

The patent is described as covering instances of a “computerized system and method provides for sharing digital assets among multiple different organizations in a multi-organization system, and further providing that one or more of localized digital assets can be assembled using digital assets, templates and rules specified by different organizations. Further, the various organizations can contribute and share digital assets with organizations, while controlling the localization of the asset with brand or other information both as specified by the provider organization and as specified by the user organization.”

FISION is a unique player in the emerging field of Agile Marketing in the way it provides the complete digital asset solution, from simplified content ideation and creation, to simplified digital asset management and simplified local sales enablement — all while maintaining brand and legal compliance.

FISION is the ultimate solution for any distributed organization, going beyond traditional sales automatization to fully enabling users to act smarter, faster, nimbler and more efficiently to drive revenues and win in the marketplace.

Multiple large enterprises from a range of industries have adopted FISION, including a national financial services company, a global provider of aerospace and building systems, a top provider of online higher education, and an operator of the world’s largest business network. Even a Super Bowl-winning National Football League team has begun to use FISION’s sales enablement technologies.

FISION provides these originations with collaborative technologies that solve major pain points in the creation and management of digital content, and the turning of content into sales. For financial, insurance and healthcare companies, FISION solves critical compliance issues. For eCommerce and retail, it supports both online and offline presence by more easily and cost-effectively creating and distributing digital content across channels.

FISION also helps these organizations overcome common challenges in the traditional sales and marketing process, allowing distributed sales and marketing teams to access pre-approved corporate campaigns that can be customized in real-time and executed on the local level. The cloud-based, sales enablement technology connects sales teams to the most relevant content for each selling situation, while providing flexible ways to present content that is brand and legally compliant.

“Our platform’s unique multi-tiered and multi-tenant functionality permits outside agencies and other sales and marketing partners to securely access a company’s content repository, and create compelling, localized materials that stays true to approved branding and legally compliant messaging,” noted Jason Mitzo, FISION CRO. “It also provides administrators real-time visibility into the effectiveness of marketing and sales communication, measuring performance down to the individual asset and user level. The new patent further strengthens the protection of this unique technology.”

About FISION Corporation
Founded in 2011, Minneapolis-based FISION is the nation’s leading provider of agile marketing software that simplifies collaboration across global organizations, and more effectively manages brand and marketing content. FISION allows marketing and sales teams to work better together by enabling them to more quickly and easily create, distribute and measure the performance of compelling, localized, on-brand communications. FISION’s patented technology brings unrivaled capabilities to clients across more than 20 countries, which includes some of the world’s largest corporations in healthcare, hospitality, financial/insurance, software, and technology.

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