FISION Deploys Agile Marketing Solution for Medici, a New Mobile Service Transforming the Delivery of Healthcare Worldwide

MINNEAPOLIS & AUSTIN – March 8th, 2018 – FISION Corporation (OTCQB: FSSN) has deployed its cloud-based digital asset management and sales enablement platform for Medici, a fast-growing software company that is transforming the way doctors and patients interact, causing major disruptions in the healthcare industry.

Medici represents the future of the doctor-patient relationship. With their product, patients can text or video chat with their healthcare providers through a secure, HIPAA-compliant mobile app, reconnecting the continuum of care by centralizing all patient records, prescription requests, communications, and interactions with medical providers onto a single platform.

FISION’s simple-to-use template builders enable relevant, sensitive communications for Medici via email, mobile, print, social, and web. When a patient or healthcare provider calls Medici for information, a Medici staff member can easily assemble a custom yet fully compliant email in real-time and transmit it before the call concludes.

“Medici selected FISION to support their channel partner strategy and global rollout,” said Jason Mitzo, CRO, FISION. “They were looking for technology that would support their brand and legal compliance centrally, while enabling their globally distributed sales and marketing teams to engage at the local level. FISION is thrilled to provide companies like Medici with real-time, targeted, local sales and marketing capabilities that enhance their ability to drive new business and better customer relationships.”

Mike Brown, CEO of FISION, commented: “FISION’s core competency is our ability to manage, control, and distribute digital content, which is why Medici chose our platform. Medici now has a scalable solution, so as they grow and the rate of doctor inquiries increase, Medici staff can spend less time searching for documents and more time delivering the best in patient care.”

Medici has raised substantial venture capital from a dozen private investment organizations and individuals, most of whom are from non-healthcare companies and with an interest to see healthcare evolve and innovate. Their products are now available in the U.S. and in South Africa, and they have plans to launch in additional countries next year. Medici for patients is available for iOS here and for Android here, and Medici for doctors is available for iOS here and for Android here.

Medici has joined the ranks of several large enterprises from a range of industries that have also deployed FISION’s sales enablement solutions, including a national financial services company, a global provider of aerospace and building systems, a top provider of online higher education, an operator of the world’s largest business network, and a Super Bowl-winning National Football League team.

About Medici
Medici is the future of the doctor-patient relationship, enabling users to text or video chat with their existing medical providers—including primary care physicians, pediatricians, specialists, therapists, veterinarians, dentists and more—through a HIPAA-compliant app. Medici reconnects the continuum of care by centralizing all patient records, prescription requests, communications and interactions with medical providers onto a single platform. Medici’s leadership comprises executives from Amazon, Google and 2nd.MD. Medici is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Houston and Paris. For more information, visit

About FISION Corporation
Founded in 2011, Minneapolis-based FISION is the nation’s leading provider of agile marketing software that simplifies collaboration across global organizations, and more effectively manages brand and marketing content. FISION allows marketing and sales teams to work better together by enabling them to more quickly and easily create, distribute and measure the performance of compelling, localized, on-brand communications. FISION’s patented technology brings unrivaled capabilities to clients across more than 20 countries, which includes some of the world’s largest corporations in healthcare, hospitality, financial/insurance, software, and technology.

Volerro Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of FISION, provides a SaaS platform that simplifies how enterprise teams create, refine and distribute content. By streamlining content production and team coordination, its cloud-based collaboration service eliminates “content chaos” among product, brand, marketing, and creative teams. Volerro’s ReVu.Me cloud app allows team members to work on the same document in real-time with integrated chat and voice conferencing. For more information, visit

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