Fision Appoints Dan Frawley, Managing Director of Iconoculture, to its Board of Directors

Frawley Brings Experience and Business Leadership to Propel Fisionʼs Continued Growth

MINNEAPOLIS – Fision, a sales enablement and marketing automation platform, announces the addition of Dan Frawley, managing director of Iconoculture and experienced executive, to its board of directors.

“Dan offers an undeniable track record doing exactly what Fision needs to advance in addressing a clear marketplace need,” says Mike Brown, Founder and CEO of Fision. “We welcome his addition to our board. He has the chops to raise capital and continue to operationalize the business and its software platform.”

Since June 2010 Frawley has served as managing director of Iconoculture a wholly owned Corporate Executive Board company. Frawley joined Iconoculture as CEO in December 2002 and raised three rounds of capital growing the company from $200K in sales to $18M when the company was acquired by the Corporate Executive Board in May 2010.

Formerly CEO of (1998 to 2001), he raised over $100M in venture capital and grew the company from less than $1M in sales to over $30M in two years. Dan was an early Board Member of Jobs2Web which was recently acquired by SuccessFactors.

“I believe Fision has a fix for a universally felt gap between sales and marketing,” says Frawley. “More importantly, Fision has the understanding and a well-constructed platform to successfully address that challenge, a challenge Iʼve witnessed firsthand throughout my career. I am honored to share my experience with the Fision leadership team.”

Previously, Dan was a senior vice president of channel strategies at Gartner Group, where he helped re-architect the distribution strategy for Gartner. He was also founder and president of J3 Learning Corp., a technology-based computer-training developer/marketer based in Minneapolis. He remained there until the corporation sold to the Gartner Group.

Dan served for seven years as an aircraft carrier fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy, flying active missions throughout the Middle East and Africa. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and the U.S. Naval Academy.